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Why Trane is the Most Trusted HVAC Brand

Trane has over 120 years of experience in the industry and is one of the most well-known brands across the nation. It is highly recognized by homeowners and experts alike due to its reliability and long-lasting products. It has since received several prestigious awards. For the 8th consecutive year, Lifestory Research recognized Trane as 2021 America's Most Trusted® HVAC System. Aside from recognitions and awards, what makes Trane systems so reliable?

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Tested to Be Unstoppable

With reliability and efficiency in mind, Trane is built to last for several years to come. Trane systems are designed with cutting-edge features to ensure it meets the quality and innovation homeowners expect. "It's Hard to Stop a Trane" is not just a tagline; it is tried and proven. Each Trane product is repeatedly tested to ensure that it is unstoppable in even the most extreme weather conditions. At the Systems Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) lab, Trane products are tested through frigid climates and blistering heat for up to 16 weeks in repeated 2-week sessions. Some units go through up to 2,600 hours of testing to withstand the harshest conditions. By putting these units through trial and error, Trane can provide products every homeowner can rely on.

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Trane furnaces are built with high-quality parts. This includes:

  • Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter – A highly reliable ignition system to increase service life.
  • Multi-Port In-Shot Burners – Using less fuel for maximum heating.
  • Heavy Steel Insulated Cabinet – Holds more heat in the furnace, ensuring durability and reducing sound operation.
  • Formed Steel Door
  • Stainless Steel Primary Heat Exchanger – Made to withstand blistering temperatures, resist corrosion, heat transfer efficiency, and improve airflow throughout every season.
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger – Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it extracts more heat from combustion.
  • Vortica™ II Blower

Trane's air conditioning systems are equipped to perform at their best. This includes:

  • Climatuff™ Compressor
  • Compressor Sound Insulator – Reduces sound for a quieter home environment.
  • All-Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coil – Enhances airflow and heat transfer.
  • DuraTuff™ Rustproof Basepan
  • Full-Sided Galvanized Steel Louvered Panels – Protects internal components while preserving airflow efficiency.
  • Powder-Paint Finish
  • WeatherGuard™

Trane Comfort Specialists™ at Precision Heating and Cooling

When hiring a trained specialist to work on your system, you'll need a Trane Comfort Specialist™. A Trane Comfort Specialist™ is an independent Trane dealer that focuses on being the best in installation, HVAC services, customer satisfaction, and employee training.

If you need a dependable HVAC company with a team of Trane Comfort Specialists™, contact us at Precision Heating and Cooling in Traverse City, MI. We offer 24-hour services to ensure your HVAC systems receive the quality services it needs to last for many years.


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